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Takhteshwar Temple in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar has many tourist spots that one cannot afford to miss and Takhteshwar temple is one them. The serenity and breath taking view of the place will astonish you. This temple has been worshipped by many devotees and tourist which keep coming to this place for darshan from various parts of India. Also the panoramic view of the city and of the seacoast of the Gulf of Cambay from the temple is splendid. Thus, its immaculate adds to the prominence of the temple.

Takhteshwar Temple in Bhavnagar

History of  Takhteshwar Temple in Bhavnagar

The Takhteshwar Temple is situated on the top of a hillock on Takteshwar Tarheti Road in Bhavnagar. The temple was built on orders of Maharaja Takhtsinhji who was one of the most influential rulers in the history of Bhavnagar. The construction was completed in the year 1893 AD and was named Takhteshwar Temple after Maharaja Takhatsihnji.

Details about Takhteshwar Temple in Bhavnagar

Takhteshwar Temple has the three eyed Lord Shiva as the main deity of the temple. This temple makes it to the list of the oldest temples of Gujarat. The temple courtyard can be reached only by climbing a flight of steps made up of marble. The entire pathway is surrounded by greenery and trees. The entire temple is made of white marble including the pillars  supporting the roof of the temple.

There are about 18 pillar that supporting the roof. The deity is placed in the worship room which is directly below ‘sikhara’, the pyramidal part of the roof. All round the temple, beautiful paintings of other sacred Hindu gods and symbols can be seen. As it is a Shiva temple, a Nandi bull is also present in the temple courtyard.

Best Time to Visit Takhteshwar Temple in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar experiences summer from April to June and temperature is pretty high t be avoided. The winter months from October to March is the best time to visit the temple is during when the climate is nice and pleasant. Takhteshwar Temple is extremely crowded during Shivaratri or on any other special Hindu festivals. Thus, you should avoid such a time to avoid huge crowd and have darshan peacefully.

Address of Takhteshwar Temple in Bhavnagar

Takhteshwar Temple
Address: Takteshwar Tarheti Rd,
Takhteshwar Plots,

Hotels to Stay around Takhteshwar Temple

If you are planning to visit Bhavnagar just for Takhteshwar temple and want to stay as close to the temple as possible, then following are the options of few hotels to stay around the temple.

GenX Bhavnagar 1589

Address: Kalanala Kaluba Road,
Near Nealkanth Medical,
Bhavnagar 364001?

Jubilee Hotels Pvt Ltd.
Address: Bh Pil Garden,
Bhavnagar 364 001
Phone no: +91 92111 774
Distance to Temple: 0.8 Kilometers

Bluehill Hotel
Address: Jasona Chowk,
Bhavnagar - 364 001
Phone no: +91 92111 77444
Distance to Temple: 0.8 Kilometers

Hotel Apollo
Address: Kalanala,
Bhavnagar - 364 001
Phone no: +91 92111 77444
Distance to Temple: 1.1 Kilometers

Nilambag Palace Hotel
Address: Nilambagh,
Bhavnagar - 364 001
Phone no: +91 92111 77444

Narayani Heritage
Address: Dairy Road,
Bhavnagar - 364 002
Phone no: +91 92111 77444
Distance to Temple: 1.7 Kilometers

Shree Avezika Comfort
Address: Bhavnagar- 364 001
Phone no: +91 92111 77444

The calmness and serenity you would experience in this temple is irreplaceable. This temple is a must visit place if  you are in Bhavnagar.

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