Hotels and Lodges in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is one of the largest cities in Gujrat and has visitors pouring in from all the sides. It is commercially a very important city of Gujrat. Apart from that, it is also a popular tourist spot and thus visited by may for tourism purpose. Accommodation in Bhavnagar is excellent as it has 3 star hotels as well. However you can choose any other hotel as per your Budget. Staying in Nilambaug palace hotel is recommended to have a heritage feel.

Hotels in Bhavnagar

Hotels in Bhavnagar

Hotels in Bhavnagar are categorised as 3 star, 2 star and 1 star hotels. Their address adn contacts are given below.

3 Star Hotels in Bhavnagar

3 Star Hotels in Bhavnagar are as follows:

Top3 Lords Resorts
Phone no: +(91)-278-2883071, +(91)-9375349777  
Address: Plot No 1/2, Budhel Vartej Cross Road, 
Near Bpcl Petrol Pump,
Bhavnagar - 364001

1589 Generation X Hotel
Phone no: +(91)-278-3004800, +(91)-9714006063  
Address: Kalubha Road, 
Opp. Nilkanth Medical Store,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Nilambag Palace Hotel
Phone no: +(91)-278-6453001, +(91)-9426272450  
Address: Ahmedabad Road, 
Near St Bus Stand,
Nilambag Circle,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Hotel Sun N Shine
Phone no: +(91)-278-2516131, +(91)-9879535103  
Address: S T Road,
Panwadi Chowk,
Near S T Depot,
Bhavnagar - 364001

2 Star Hotel in Bhavangar

2 Star Hotel in Bhavangar are as follows:

Blue Hill Hotel
Phone no: +(91)-278-2426951, +(91)-9537657790  
Address: Jasona Chowk, 
Opposite Pill Garden,
Bhavnagar - 364001

1 Star Hotel in Bhavnagar

1 Star Hotel in Bhavnagar are as follows:

Hotel white rose
Phone no: +(91)-278-2514022, +(91)-9879530054  
Address: Vithalwadi road , 
Vithalwadi pump,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Hotel Asopalav
Phone no: +(91)-278-2521457, 2521456
Address: 203, 4th Floor, Sanjivani Complex,
Jail Road,
Bhavnagar Takhteswar,
Opposite Central Jail,

Mausam Hotel
Phone no: +(91)-278-2518746, +(91)-9825205801  
Address: Station Road, 
Opposite Alka Cinema,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Hotel Apollo
Phone no: +(91)-278-2425250
Address: Opposite Central Bus Station,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Lodges in Bhavnagar

Lodges in Bhavnagar are as follows:

Majirajwadi Vishram Gruh
Phone no: +(91)-278-2422520, 2422521
Address: Opposite Pil Garden,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Rutu Mandap Service
Phone no: +(91)-278-2562130
Address: Waghawadi Road, 
Bhavnagar - 364001

Hotel Live Inn
Phone no: +(91)-278-2434103
Address: 3, Radheshyam Complex,
Waghawadi Road, 
Near Radhamandhir,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Leuva Patidar Boarding
Address: Waghawadi Road,
Bhavnagar - 364002

New Kika Hotel
Phone no: +(91)-278-2423281
Address: Pirchalla Road, 
Opposite Shetty Restaurant,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Sheltern Inn Hotels Private Limited
Phone no: +(91)-278-2561668
Address: 2299, Prithvi Vallabh Hill Drive, 
Bhavnagar - 364001

Dilbahar Hotel
Phone no: +(91)-278-2563031
Address: Moti Bag Road, 
Opposite Bhopal Restaurant,
Bhavnagar - 364001

Shital Guest House
Phone no: +(91)-278-2428360
Address: Bhavnagar Takhteswar,
Amba Chowk,
Malis Tekra,
Bhavnagar - 364002

Have a pleasant stay in Bhavnagar!

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