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Food in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is not only a commercial city of Saurashtra, but a place to enjoy yourself as well. Be it roaming around the city look at the various heritages or be it shopping in the local markets. Food is also a section where Bhavnagar will not disappoint you. This city has many restaurants serving all the cuisines including Chinese and Continental. You must also try out the street food in Bhavnagar which is concentrated mainly in Gogha Circle and Waghawadi Road.

Food in Bhavnagar

Food you must try in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar has all the delicacies of a traditional Gujarati food. However apart from that, Bhavnagar is popular for its Fafadiya Ganthiya and Pav Ganthiya. Pav Gathiya consists of spicy Ganthiya served with Pav which has tamarind chutney  smeared over it. Bateta Bhungala is another popular food item of Bhavnagar. It is nothing but boiled potatoes which is spiced with red chillies chutney. It is tasty and spicy at the same time. Bhungala is nothing but  salty frymes which is meant to be eaten with potatoes.

Restaurants in Bhavnagar

Your visit to Bhavnagar is incomplete if you dont have a traditional Gujarati thali here. Gujarati thalis are served best at Restaurant Murli and Rasoi. RGB Restaurant is ideal place for vegetarian lovers and they serve Chinese and North Indian cuisine. This restaurant is a in house restaurant  of Hotel Sun 'n' Shine. Nilgiri Restaurant is another restaurant that you should try for North Indian food. Non veg lovers can try A 1 hotel & Yadgar Hotel in Handiyavad area.

Some of the other restaurants at Bhavnagar are listed below:
  • White Rose
  • Wimpeys
  • Nilambagh Palace hotel
  • Live-in
  • Jubliee
  • Greenland
  • Evening Point
  • Shreeji
  • Mashoor
  • Rajpath
  • Mahavir

Street Food in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is fantastic as far as street food is concerned and food lovers are going to enjoy every bit of this. Best street food in Bhavnagar is available at the Ghogha Circle in Bhavnagar where the food stalls are lined up and you can fill your stomach with some of the worst food combination like Pani Puri followed by Chinese Noodles. Bhavnagar is also particularly famous for its Pav Gathiya which is best served at Crescent, Meghani Circle, Ghogha Circle and Rupani. "Lacchubhai Ganthiyawala" in Ghogha circle serves the best of them all.

The yummy Pav gathiyas can be summed up with an icegola for dessert which is excellent at Ram aur Shyam in Sahakari Haat, Ghogha Circle or Mahila College. Valentines Circle offers sgreat Limbu Gola and Icecream pyali. Some of the food items that you need to grab at Ghogha circle includes Surendranagar na Samosa, Steam Dhokla, Khichu.  You should also try the Bhajiyas at Vada Samrat close to Gulista.

Street food in Bhavnagar

Chaat and Pani puri is best served at a food point close to Rupani Circle and Pappubhai close to Kalanala. Sandwiches are best served at Chaska Maska close to Sanskar Mandal and R.K. close to Mahila College (SNDT). Hot dog lovers will have to land at Prayosha close to Atabhai Joggers Park. You can also have a quick gran of Frankie by picking up a take away at Aslam close to Gulista. Maharastian Items like Vada pav and Dabeli is delicious at Chetna in Sanskar Mandal and Bombay Vadapav at Crescent Circle.

Desert and Drinks in Bhavnagar

Our meal is incomplete without a desert. Soda is the best way to sum up your meal. Bhavnagar has many sop serving different flavors of soda like Lemon, Ginger, Cola, Mint, Mango,  Strawberry, Pineapple, Blue Berry and Green Apple. During Winters, special hot dates milk shake is available close to Ghogha Circle which is yummy and is good for health also. Buttermilk, Lassi is available in most areas of Bhavnagar.

Drinks in Bhavnagar

This city also offers some fruit beer. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in this state. However,the nearest place to enjoy your drinks is Div. However, sometimes foreigners are served alcoholic beverages at some hotels upon showing their passports.

Come to Bhavnagar and put on some weight by hogging on this beautiful Gujarati delicacies. You will never forget your trip to Bhavnagar, in fact your stomach will never let you.

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