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Culture of Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar, is a beautiful city in Gujarat which has its own peculiar culture and traditions which is depicted in the art and craft forms available there. The beauty of the art form in Bhavnagar lies in skilful use of metal , wood and stone to bring out their creativity. Bhavnagar also has the benefit of being located close to Alang, which is the largest ship breaking yard. As a result, there is abundance of mattresses, cutlery, furniture which are sold out as scrap.

Handicrafts of Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar provided the ideal environment for the nurturing of creative and artistic expression. Nagars and Jains are the ones dominating this industry in Bhavnagar and they have their own unique style and appreciation of art and culture.

Handicrafts in Bhavnagar

The markets are filled with little shops displaying an multifarious articles, created with great deligence and passion by the skilled artisans of Bhavnagar. The city is popular for its bead work, Gohilwad Rabari and Koli embroidery, jewellery designing and traditional painting, bird hangings, pottery, bronze and copper work, metal-embossed woodwork and stonework. Decorative pieces like chopat, torans, carpets, belts and caps are some of the fine articles of bead-work. Bhavnagar also produces cotton drapes embellished with embroidery work which you can get in other parts of the state as well. However, the traditional embroidery done here is very fine and neat.

Culture of Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is equally popular for its carved diamonds. These diamonds are then exported. The fine work on diamond reflects the prowess of the artisans in this craft. Apart from these, you can also get some good furniture with fine lacquer work which is available mainly in the outskirts of the city. Read More Here.

Local Dances of Bhavnagar

Dance forms of Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar promotes the traditional Kathiavadi folk dances which is still practiced in the royal palaces. They have shows organised in the palaces to keep the culture and tradition alive.  Garba and Dandya is a dance form which is famous all over Gujarat and everyone here plays it with a lot of zeal.

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Popular Artist from Bhavnagar

Many renowned thinkers, socialists, reformists, educationists,  freedom fighters, writers, artists and poets hail from Bhavnagar. Narsinh Mehta, Gangasati, Kavi Kant, Dula Bhaya Kag, Jhaverchand Meghani, Prahlad Parekh and Krishnalal Shridharani were all famous poets of Gujarat. Nanabhai Bhatt who was the founder of Lok Bharti also hailed from Bhavnagar. Gijubhai Badheka, Ravishankar Raval, Manubhai Pancholi "Darshak", Kismat Qureshi, Nazir Dekhaiya, Barkat Virani are all writers and educationist bringing reformation in the society. Morari Bapu, Somalal Shah, Mulshankar M. Bhatt, Ambashankar Bhatt, Shri Khodidas Parmar are some of the other artist doing very well in their respective fields.

The culture of Bhavnagar reflects the expertise of the skilled artisans that this city has and also their immense love for the art. Its a must visit place for all art lovers.

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