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Administration in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is the fifth largest city in Gujrat and a district in itself which has many talukas like Mahuva, Palitana, Gariyadhar under it. Bhavnagar city is spread across an area of 53.30 km² and is adminsitered by two local bodies, one is Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and other is BUDA (Bhavnagar Urban Development Authority). Also, Bhavnagar is one of the 26 Lok Sabha seats which is represented in the lower house of the parliament. Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has a hold on this city since a decade and has been emerging victorious in every election.

Local Bodies of Bhavnagar

Bhavanagr is administered by two local bodies namely Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Bhavnagar Area Urban Development Authority (BUDA). They are discussed below.

Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC)

Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation are commitment to the all-round development of Bhavnagar, which will help in improving the quality of life and the standard of living. They are now extending citizen-friendly responsive services, which has helped in increasing people's active participation for the development of Bhavnagar.

Some of the thrust areas taken care by Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation includes Drinking Water, Drainage, Roads, Better Transport Services,  Strengthening of Civic Amenities, , Disaster Management , Measures for Recreation and Entertainment, E-Governance, Universal enrollment of children with special attention on girls, arresting the drop-out rates, special programmes for slum and street children, special emphasis on Solid Waste Management and many more.

Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation
Sir Mangal Sinhji Road,
Near Kalanala,
Bhavnagar, Gujarat - 364001.
Landline: 0278-2424801-10

Bhavnagar Area Urban Development Authority (BUDA)

Bhavnagar Area Urban Development Authority is the other local body in Bhavnagar  responsible to undertake the preparation of development plans and town planning schemes. Bhavnagar Area Urban Development Authority is also responsible in helping and guiding other authorities to function in the development of area. The address of Bhavnagar Area Urban Development Authority is as follows

Bhavnagar  Urban Planning Department
Address: Shilpi Nagar

Political Parties in Bhavnagar

The Bhavnagar Parliamentary constituency is located in the peninsular district of Bhavnagar in the south-eastern region of Gujarat. It is one of the 26 Lok Sabha seats which represent the state in the Lower House of the Parliament. The administrative seat of the district is the Bhavnagar city.

Political Parties in Bhavnagar

Some of the important political parties in Bhavnagar includes BJP, INC, AAP and MJP. Recent elections has made Dr. Bharatiben Shiyal as the Member of Parliament (MP) from Bhavnagar. Other MLA's from Bhavnagar includes Smt.Vibhavariben Dave and Shri Shaktisinh Gohil. Babubhai Solanki is the mayor of Bhavnagar city while Shri Govindbhai Kukereja is Deputy Mayor.

Courts in Bhavnagar

On 2nd November, 1866, Judicial Officers were appointed for the first time for Bhavnagar City. The Court of Sir Judge had the powers to entertain any appeals rising from the Judgment of the afore mentioned Courts. The appeals from the said Court lay to The Darbar Hujoor Court. Bhavnagar blusters of an established Judicial System which is almost 143 Years old. This Judicial System was established by His Highness Maharaja Jashvantsinhji.

Courts in Bhavnagar

District Court in Bhavnagar

District court in Bhavnagar administers justice at Bhavnagar district level. This court is directly under administrative control of the Ahemdabad High Court. The judges of District court in Bhavnagar are as follows:

  • Mr R.K.Desai , Principal District & Sessions Judge
  • Mr P.M.Raval , Addl. District Judge
  • Mr J.R.Shah , 3rd Addl. District Judge
  • Mr. M.G.Ravalji , 5th Addl. District Judge
  • Mr. M.G.Ravalji , 5th Addl. District Judge
  • Mr. Ambalal R.Patel , 6th Ad-Hoc Additional District Judge

Industrial Court in Bhavnagar

Industrial Court in Bhavnagar deals with disputes amongst individuals emerging from the employee-employer relationship. This court also takes care of the trade disputes between employers and trade unions. Breaches of rights and obligations imposed under the Industrial Relations Act 1967 is also safeguarded by them. The judge at Industrial Court in Bhavnagar is as follows:
  • Mr. B.N.Parmar , Member, Industrial Court

Labour Court in Bhavnagar

A labour court deals mainly with resumption of wages and other advantages given to the employees under the Employment Act 1955 such as maternity allowance, termination benefits , overtime pay and  salary in lieu of notice of termination. The judges of Labour court in Bhavnagar are as follows:

  • Mr. M.F.Mandli , Judge, Labour Court
  • Mr. H.D.Panchal , Judge, Labour Court

Civil Court in Bhavnagar

Civil Court in Bhavnagar resolve legal disputes between two or more people. These disputes are generally related with matters relating to money and debts, property, car accident or medical malpractice, divorce, child custody. This court also hears cases involving the denial of public benefits such as welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid. Bhavnagar also has a separate Railway Court with Mr D.S.Dabhi  as its Judicial Magistrate. The judges in Civil court are as follows:

  • Mr. R.D.Adhwaryu , Principal Senior Civil Judge
  • Ms. H.I.Bhatt , Chief Judicial Magistrate
  • Mr. A.A.Nanavati , 2nd Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. A.M.Shaikh , 3rd Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Ms. H.D.Pandit , 10th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. A.S.Gadhavi , 4th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. J.I.Patel , 9th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. A.M.Varma , 5th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. S.P.Rahatkar , 6th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. R.V.Oza , 8th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. D.K.Soni , 11th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. N.P.Radia , 7th Addl. Sr. Civil Judge
  • Mr. B.B.Agrawal , Addi Civil Judge & J.M.F.C
  • Mr. K.B.Vaghela , 2nd Addi Civil Judge & J.M.F.C
  • Mr. S.P.Kain , 3rd (Ad-Hoc) Addl. Civil Judge & Jmfc
  • Mr. M.K.Shah , 4th (Ad-Hoc) Addl. Civil Judge & Jmfc
  • Mr. M.M.Gandhi , 6th (Ad-Hoc) Addl. Civil Judge & Jmfc
  • Mr. C.M.Rathod , 5th (Ad-Hoc) Addl. Civil Judge & Jmfc
  • Mr. V.R. Choudhary , 7tht (Ad-Hoc) Addl. Civil Judge & Jmfc
  • Mr. K.R. Yadav , 8tht (Ad-Hoc) Addl. Civil Judge & Jmfc

Family Court in Bhavnagar

Family Court in Bhavnagar decides matters and make judgements in relation to family law, such as custody of children.  This court hear all cases pertaining to familial and domestic relationships. However each state has a different system utilized to address family law cases. Family courts can also issue decisions regarding divorce cases. The judges for Family Court in Bhavnagar are as follows:

  • Mr. K.D.Parmar , Principal Judge, Family Court
  • Mr. D.B.Barot , Judge, Family Court

Jail in Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar has a district jail located in Kalanala area of the city. The exact address is mentioned below. This jail has about 40 convicts staying in the jail  while 283 inmates are under trial. This jail has a capacity to accommodate 320 inmates.  Bhavnagar District Jail. This jail has been granted permission by Union secretary, HRD and Regional Director, NIOU, Gandhinagar for conducting vocational courses within the jail.

Bhavnagar District Jail
Address: Kalanala,

Bhavnagar is a very effectively administered city with its developmental responsibility given in the right hands. You can see the administration work when you visit this beautiful city.

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